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Diesel Fuel Test

Diesel Fuel test


Delphi up-rated injectors capabile of delivering 30 % more fuel. This is either us supplying you a set of refurbished service exchange units or you sending your units in for up-rating. If you do send your units in we will test them first to see that they are within specifications allowing for the modification. For the service exchange option we will supply a set of Delphi refurbished units that will come with a 12 Months warranty.

Technical Stuff

You might feel that your original injectors are working ok and all you want is the up-grade but we will need to test the condition of your injectors to make sure that they are with specifications and that they will perform to expecttions. The fuel increase is  30% more fuel than a stock injector, unfortunatly we are unable to equate what power increase you can expect to achieve, as that also depends on your engine build.

Service Exchange Injectors

Service exchange units will be supplied with a 'core return note' and an addressed pre-paid return label. Your old units need to be returned to us, in a repairable condition within 30 days or sooner. Should this not be done please see 5.0 in our terms and conditions.
1.To return old units, simply place in the box used to supply the new units with the core return note, stick the pre-paid addressed label on the outside and take to a post office.
2.Please obtain a proof of postage receipt when returning old injectors, as the onus will be on you to prove that the old units had been posted should they be lost.
3.When we receive your original units and they are within our terms and conditions, we will refund you the Injector Surcharge that you paid.
Service Exchange Injectors - condition of old units returned 1.If units have been supplied as service exchange units the original replacement units will need to be returned to us, using our prepaid addressed label, in a repairable condition. This means that;
2.Should a unit be damaged, as above, the surcharge price as indicated on your original invoice and return note will be charged to you.
3.The old units should not have had acid, water or other aggressive chemical in them
4.There must be no damage caused by overheating, being chiselled, smashed, bent, distorted, heavily corroded, stripped or have parts missing.

Part no DSEN590

These Kits can be used many times over as, once the Diesel Fuel is tested, you just empty the bottle, and it’s ready for the next time! Can be used many times over will last for years.

The kits are used mainly to test paraffin mixed with diesel.

The Kit weight is 210 grams.

Manufactures price increase came into effect on the 10 Sep 2020.

Immediate availability
R 1,100.00(VAT excl.)
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